I’m Linda and I’ve been part of the Reflections Hair Design team since December 2012.

I’ve been in the beauty industry since 2006. I first went to study as a beauty therapist and received my qualification in Somatology in 2007.

From there I went to work in a salon with the plan to go work on cruise ships within a year. My clientele built up quickly and I realised that by leaving to work on the ships I will lose everything I worked for.

After two years of working as a Beauty Therapist, the urge to add another one of my passions become quite strong. In 2010 my Hairdressing career officially started and I qualified as a Hairstylist in 2012.

I kept on working as a Beauty Therapist part-time (after hours), but decided to turn my focus to hairdressing entirely in December 2017 and retire the beauty therapy part of my career, for now.

In 2017 I decided to put on my study hat again and completed my Masters in Hair coloring, qualifying as a Master Colorist in 2019.

Throughout my Hairdressing career I participated and won a few competitions under a range of different categories including bridal styling, gents cut and styling etc. I was very privileged to work for an Intercoiffure salon while I was studying and gained a lot of experience, knowledge and exposure.

Working my way up in the salon, I grabbed the opportunity in March 2020 and became the new owner of Reflections Hair Design.

I’m a firm believer in education and believe that every day is an opportunity to learn something new. I go on regular training sessions and try to bring the latest information and practices into the salon.

My aim it to provide environmentally friendly services as much as possible and I am a big supporter of anti-cruelty products.

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