Knot Again?

Have you ever wondered why your hair knots all the time? Hair knots a lot easier when its really dry, damaged or when split ends are clearly visible. 

Let’s have a look at the causes and how to prevent getting knots in your hair.

  1. Harsh chemicals, to prevent damaging your hair use professional sulfate-free shampoo and nourishing conditioner that is appropriate for your hair. Chemicals in the water used to wash your hair can be too harsh on your scalp too. Visit us to discuss your options.
  2. Your hair is most fragile when wet, therefore it is not advisable to brush your hair too much. Using a wide tooth comb or wet brush will prevent breakage when trying to get rid of knots while your hair is still wet. Using a leave-in product that is made for detangling will also assist with getting rid of the knots faster. That will result in less brushing, therefore less hair damage.  
  3. Not brushing out your hair regularly or brushing too vigorously. 
  4. Not cutting your hair regularly, it is advisable to visit us for a hair cut every 6 – 12 weeks as it will prevent split ends. Split ends are another cause for hair to knot.
  5. Bad eating habits and not drinking enough water, leading a unhealthy lifestyle is another cause of unhealthy hair. 
  6. Not using the appropriate products for your hair, your styling tools might also cause hair damage which results in more knots. 

Prevention is better than cure, here is a few more tips on how to prevent your hair from knotting:

  1. Using the appropriate products for your hair will make your hair much healthier. Start with a good detangling spray such as “Paul Mitchell’s Baby don’t cry spray” for kids, this brand has a detangling conditioner which we also highly recommend. Another great product to use is “Fanola Nourishing leave-in conditioning spray” which you’ll use after washing your hair. Spraying it on towel dried hair will also assist with heat protection. These products are available to buy at the salon (see pictures below).
  2. Buy yourself satin pillow cases, they prevent hair friction at night, therefore hair doesn’t knot that easily. It also makes your hair frizz less and prevents hair from breaking.  
  3. Braid your hair before going to bed, sleeping with brushed out hair in a easy braid will leave you knotless the following morning. 
  4. Never sleep with wet hair, when swimming it is also advisable to braid your hair to avoid knots.
  5. Incorporate the following steps into your hair washing routine: 
  • rinse your hair with cool water, it seals the hair cuticle
  • Use heat protection when blow drying your hair 
  • Section your hair into sections 
  • Start combing your hair at the end and move up to mid lengths and then the scalp
  • Most knots end in the nape of your neck, so try to back brush your hair and work through every part of the hair head

Recommended products available in salon: