7 Reasons why not to use off-the-shelf hair colouring

Buying off-the-shelf hair colouring and colouring your hair yourself seems really promising as it’s a lot cheaper than going to your favourite hairdresser. If you want healthy hair and great results, you are better off using professional colour and get a professional to do it for you. Here are 7 reasons why you should rather skip the hair colouring isle and call your hairdresser instead.

1. Professional hair colour is made out of thousands of molecules that colours the hair, but it is easy to remove. Hair colour that comes in a box has intense colour shots and behave more like a direct dye and cannot be broken down that easily. When looking at the long-term health of your hair it is of better mindfulness to use professional hair color.

2. When it comes to hair colouring from a logical point of view there is no such thing as ‘’one size fits all’’. Box color is made in a way that any, untrained individual can use it and therefore the maximum amount of developer and pigment is given. It is not necessary for these amounts of developer when working with previously dyed hair. When consulted by a professional, your hair colour can be customized specifically for you.

3. As a user of box colour, the proper rules of colour are not specified on the packaging. You most likely have not attend a cosmetology school to learn what your hair colour is, what the steps are for processing or the proper method to mix colours. Unfortunately, when buying hair colour off-the-shelf you can never be sure what you’ll get inside the box untill it is done.

4. Box colour mostly just includes a single colour. It cannot provide real definition or a subtle balayage effect, therefore the majority of hair professionals would never resort to using less than two colours to attain such an outcome. This is the quintessence of customization.

5. Trying to match your regrowth with the rest of your hair is very difficult to do if you don’t have the necessary skills. It’s all about customization, mixing the right colours for your hair. Keep in mind that regrowth is natural, virgin hair while the remainder has most likely sustained damage from exposure to UV rays styling.

6. Off-the-shelf hair colouring contains extreme levels of PPD (paraphenylenediamine), its infamous for being the cause of an increase in worldwide allergies. As mentioned before, hair colour in boxes usually contain extremely high amounts of pigment, therefore my professional advice would be to look for a permanent colour with lower quantities of PPD, if you wish to avoid any allergic reaction. The greater majority of permanent hair colour make use of ammonia, which opens up the cuticle and thereby letting the color seep deep into the hair becoming permanent. The more often you make use of ammoniated dye the faster your colour fades, resulting in the need for more frequent colouring.

7. Some off-the-shelf hair colouring brands still uses metallic salts. Even though it has been used since the 1800’s, metallic salts can build on the hair resulting it to darken and thereby making it difficult to remove or lighten. In the long run this causes hair to feel dry.

The formula for healthy hair is: PROSPER + PH + MOISTURE + PROTEIN. Using professional hair colour will save you a lot of money and effort in the long run. All too often ORANGE is the colour that you will be left with when using hair colour out if a box. Do your hair and wallet a favour and make your appointment today.

Happy Hair = Happy life 😊