Polygel VS Acrylic Nails And Why It’s Better

What is polygel?

Polygel is a Monomer free nail extension – so no strong chemical smell making it safer and more pleasant for all. Also, less dust when removed. Being non-toxic and almost completely odourless it makes them a more enjoyable nail extension treatment.

Formulated without the harmful ingredients found in acrylics, there are fewer airborne toxins, making it an all-rounder healthier option.

Polygel Nails Versus Acrylic Nails

Why is Polygel better than Acrylic?

It doesn’t ruin or damage your nails. With the proper application and removal, there’s no need to worry about harming your natural nails.

Unlike acrylic, it offers a flexible, lightweight & stronger nail enhancement option, making them more suitable for those on the go. Boasting an ability to bend more than acrylics, these nails are less likely to break and therefore less likely to cause damage to the underlying nail.

Filing of Polygel Nails

How does the removal process work?

The Polygel will be filed from your nails to remove the bulk of it. Any remaining formula and product will then be soaked off with acetone, leaving your nails ready for your next manicure. Polygel nails don’t need to be fully removed and reapplied during each visit. Instead, they are simply filled in for maintenance. During a fill-in, the Polygel remains on the nail and is filed down.


  • Odourless
  • Less dust
  • Non-toxic
  • No damage to nails
  • Stronger
  • No need to be fully removed

It is easy to see why Polygel is so popular and most likely the best go to nail extension treatment to date.

You will not be sorry when you give it a try. Contact us here to make your nail booking and maybe even a hair treatment while you are at it…